"Why There Is Almost No Chinese people Who suffer from fatty liver and obesity and how you can use what This Man reveals to resolve your fatty liver
and Stay Slim Forever..."



Mr. Abe Hsieh

"For a long time it's a known fact that almost nobody gets heart disease in China. After years of research, scientists found their answers to why this happens in Omega 3.


It is also a known fact that almost nobody has fatty liver and obesity problems in China. And this is in spite of the fact that they eat a lot of fried foods. This book finally discloses what are the healing agents that can do the same for fatty liver that Omega 3 is doing for heart disease."


- message from Mr Abe Hsieh, November 2009



Message from Mr. Abe Hsieh (translated by Paula Downing):


Respected reader,


My name is Abe Hsieh and I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 37 years. And I have spent the last 25 years of tha time working solely on fatty liver, obesity and autoimmune disease.


Why these conditions?


Because I felt that Chinese medicine and a way of life hides the solutions for the terrible conditions. The proof that this is the case is in the facts that these conditions are almost non-existent in China, especially fatty liver. I felt that it's a crime that the solution is right there in front of our eyes and nobody talks about it. Nobody asks the simple question "Why Chinese don't get fatty liver".


And this ia all happening while fatty liver is destroying the lives of millions of people. The western doctors are greatly underestimating the gravity of this condition. Your doctor might have told you that "It's nothing to worry about, just loose some weight..."



But have they told you that fatty liver is the fifth-leading cause of liver cancer.


And when they tell you that it's not a big deal and that you should just loose weight - that's the catch 22 or chicken and egg story if you will. Because it's the fatty liver that makes it impossible to loose weight permanently.



Yes, that's right - until you resolve your fatty liver you have 0% chance of loosing weight permanently.
Further down I'll explain why..


The hair on my head was still black when I first started working on fatty liver and and helping people beat this horrible disease. Since that time, I am proud to have helped 1000s heal fatty liver, regain their health completely and finally dissolve away that stored fat and enjoy the beautiful body that lays beneath.


I have found precise reasons why Chinese people almost never get fatty
liver and are almost never fat



After almost 3 decades of research, I know exactly why Chinese people don't get fatty liver disease and I am using that knowledge to heal my clients in the USA.
It works practically every time.


The fact that you have reached this page means that it is very likely that you or somebody you care for is suffering from this horrible condition.


Allow me to give you a simple test that will determine whether this program is for you...




Are you burnt out and loosing hope that you will resolve you fatty liver and be slim and healthy?


Are you frustrated with your doctors and little they seem to know about your condition?


Are you frustrated with the never-ending battle to loose weight and change your body?


Are you sick of not being able to live a full life because of your constant low energy levels?


Do you have abdominal pains and cramping?


Do you have problems with constipation, flatulence and bloating?


Do you have a general feeling of ill health?



If you answered "yes" to at least 2 questions above then you are just the kind of person I helped resolve fatty liver over and over again through the years and this book is specifically intended for you.



I know that the fact that you are reading this means that you might be in panic that you will never get better and that you will just spend year after year waiting for death in the body you are not satisfied with and feeling like a wreck. But, allow me to say this - this is all due to the fact that you have never
addressed the underlying triggers, you have just addressed the
consequencesand with that approach you are right, there is a great chance
that you will never be able to resolve your fatty liver.


But the whole purpose of my work is to send the following message...


Relax - fatty liver is reversible in practically every case.


So, you should really feel good about yourself because you are proactive about your condition and take action to resume control over your own life. Let me tell you, I have seen every possible scenario in people suffering from fatty liver and I can say that one common thing in almost all people is that they feel like their environment and even their doctor don't understand and often scorn their suffering.


People tend to say things like:


small "It's all in your head..."
small "It's not true that you can't loose weight, you are just eating more than you think and spending less..."



I see it happening over and over again - but here is the truth:


Fatty Liver is the no.1 reason why people struggle and fail to loose weight.



Just look at the Chinese:


small They never count calories. Never.
small They eat lots of fried foods.
small They eat lots of carbs ( rice is over 80% pure, fast carbs - that is much more carbs than any chocolate)
small They don't think about glycemic indexes.
small They eat almost no salad.



And they still never get fat. Have you seen an obese Chinese person lately?


And as with the heart disease, some people in the lack of a better explanation reach for the old "genetics" explanation. They used to offer the same explanation for heart disease and some types of autoimmune diseases such as sarcoidosis) but today reliebla data is available to prove beyond any doubt that:


It's not genetics.



That is why I've started a research about what is it about the life in China that bans fatty liver and doesn't allow the Chinese to ever get fat. And the results
are very precise set of chemical triggers and aggravating agents that
make it completely impossible for the people in the West to resolve fatty
liver and loose weight until those culprits are eradicated.



But why can't I loose weight?



Because the fatty liver is sluggish and tends to hold on to carbs and distribute them slowly (especially fructose). As simple as that. All that fuss in the weightloss industry when in fact they know the simple truth, but it suits them to keep it secret because of all the billions they are earning.


Here's how it works...


1. Primary source of energy in people is Glycogen (which is a form of carbohydrates where 1 gram of carbs are tied to 3 grams of water)


2. Glycogen is stored in the muscles and once they are full, it is stored in the liver. This means that once the liver is full body recognizes that it is full of carbs.


2. Body fat is burned only when glycogen from the blood, muscles and finally liver is depleted


Very simple and basic...


In people with fatty liver, liver holds on to the carbs in it's tissue and thus imitates a situation where the body is full of carbs. In this situation, the body "thinks" that there is no need to reach for the body fat because it has all the carbs it needs.


This can even result in our body decomposing muscle for energy instead of burning fat. It's that simple really...



To be able to ever loose fat, you will have to resolve your fatty liver. Absolutely no way around it.


And this is not the only reason why it's important to resolve your fatty liver. It is crucially important that you resolve your fatty liver as soon as possible because there is strong evidence in studies that fatty liver hugely increases the risk of various types of cancer.


You often hear or read that "Obese people have an increased risk of cancer". But what is behind that sentence? Why is this the case? The answer is simple - the reason behind the elevated risk of cancer is the fatty liver disease.



Fatty liver is slugish, slow and unable to eradicate Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). This leads to cancer.



And this is not some hear-say. The evidence of this is iron-clad and are growing every day. One of the best known official studies that proves this is a study conducted in Norway on 47,594 people with fatty liver aimed at measuring the risk of cancer.


The conclusion of the study was the following...



Fatty liver increases the risk of cancer by 170 %.



The large Norwegian study found that most commonly found elevated risk is from developing:



Liver cancer


Lung cancer


Pharynx cancer


Larynx cancer


Oesophagus cancer


Stomach cancer


Pancreas cancer


Colon cancer



So, if you are reasonable there is no other conclusion expect that you simply
have to resolve your fatty liver without procrastination.



Your life is depending on it.



This is my sincere message. In my time, I have seen people regaining their health and living a full, vibrant life and I have seen people loosing the battle with fatty liver. Those were usually the skeptics that underestimated the gravity of this horrible condition.



Fatty liver wreaks havoc inside even when you're not in pain.



And that would not be so alarming if there wasn't for the fact that conventional western medicine has made almost zero progress in the treatment of fatty liver for decades.


What can you expect if your doctor diagnoses you with fatty liver?


Well, you can expect a handful of drugs every day. And none of them will address
the underlying cause.


I have seen it happening hundreds of times. People suppressing the condition with drugs just until comes back with a vengeance. It is a simple truth that the conventional treatment only addresses what happens as a result of fatty liver disease (things like elevated cholesterol) or tries to suppress the appetite.



If appetite was the problem, Chinese would have fatty liver, too.



That is of very little use and in the long term fatty liver always comes back.


But the worse news about the conventional treatment is that new evidence emerge very day that it is often extremely dangerous.


Let me give you the first example that comes to mind here. For example...



Sibutramine is one of the drugs commonly used for fatty liver and it is currently under review by the FDA for suspected elevated risk of heart attacks in people taking it.



Having all in mind, the conclusion is simple...


Any health-conscious person with fatty liver or even suspected fatty liver is in an urgent need of a reliable strategy for beating fatty liver and regaining control over their life.



I have found a way to design such a healing strategy utilizing the knowledge about the Chinese lifestyle, diet and Chinese herbs.



And after 22 years of intense work on this, I am now finally making all I discovered available in the form of an ebook.


Respectfully, I give you the fruit of my life's work:



The Chinese Secrets to Fatty Liver
and Obesity Reversal

"22 Years Of Intense Work On Fatty Liver Boiled Into One eBook"


Let me share a couple more of testimonials of previous customers:



"I resolved my fatty liver and lost 25 pounds in 3 months with your program."


I am one of those women who were always on some sort of diets and nutritional regimes and still I had no results to show for it. Ever since I left my 20s I struggled to loose weight and I felt like I was chasing my own tale and running around in circles.

I can honestly say that I was kind of relieved when I was diagnosed with fatty liver, because I finally had proof that something is wrong in my body. That did not last long 'cause soon I learned how serious the disease is.


I honestly don't know where I would be right now if there wasn't for your program and your book..."


Gema Bronson, San Jose, California




"I lost the weight I've been carrying around for 15 years..."


This photo that you are seeing is the result of using your advise and your program. I have been grossly obese for over 15 years. I was diagnosed with advanced fatty liver and that is where the battle began. I tried pretty much any drug you can think of and nothing seemed to be working...

The first reaction to your book was shock. Shock about the things around me that were keeping me sick and robbing me of my health. I was also so mad that nobody ever warned me...


Million thanks and God bless,


Janine Townsend, Camrose, Canada



"You gave my my life back..."


Where I live, when you are a kid, the measure of health is how fat you are. So, I was a fat over-fed kid, then I was a fat maladjusted kid and grew to be a fat young man that never had a girlfriend.

I had nothing and nobody in my life, only my parents loved me. After a while I gave up. I was obese and I was ashamed to go on the street...


Today, a year after I read your book that made everything so clear I am a changed man. I lost over 90 pounds and I feel like my life is just beginning. My doctors tell me that the fatty infiltration sin my liver are almost completely gone.


Eternally grateful, "


Harry Surys, Toledo, Ohio




But how exactly does this work?


Let me try and explain exactly what I did to write and publish this ebook.


The main idea behind it all is finding the reason why so few people have fatty liver in China and then utilizing that knowledge to fight and beat the disease in people who are already suffering.


I started collecting my records and data back in 1996 and trying to figure out what are the causative agents of sarcoidosis. As the title of the website says, I was trying to discover the "Chinese Secrets to Sarcoidosis Healing".


After over 2 decades I am sure that I've done just that and I have finally managed to put it all on paper and publish it.


I promise this - this will be the genuine solution that will allow you to beat fatty and change your body.


Almost everybody who has ever used the system reported back similar things. That is why I am so sure this system will allow you to:




Reclaim your life from the deadly grip of fatty liver and lower the risk of cancer that is over your head right now


As your fatty liver is resolved, the fat burning potential of you body is unlocked and you'll start loosing fat like you never though possible


Invigorate your body and destroy that overwhelming fatigue that is controlling your life


Clear your skin and look much younger within months


Normalize your sleep patterns and get that refreshing night sleep you need


Resolve depression as you gain back control of your life. Many people report back that they feel even better than before fatty liver disease because of a new-found appreciation of life.


Get rid of the night sweats and hot flashes forever


Resolve other symptoms depending on your particular case (bloating, gases, low energy etc.)




For over 2 decades now I have been travelling back and forth from Beijing to Dallas. I know everything there is to know about the options that are offered to the fatty liver sufferer and I will be bold here and say that this is a completely unique proven a and tested method to resolve your fatty liver and loose weight.


The most important aspects of the program describes in the ebook are:




It is research based and scientifically proven.
The explanations are simple , adjusted to the Western view, specific and precise.


It will allow you to discover and put a stop to the
habits, diet and lifestyle choices that are keeping
you sick and making your healing a mission impossible.



It reveals all the culprits that I identified to be the
reason why people in China don't get fatty liver.

My practices proved that once these aggravating agents are removed from your life, self-healing aided with herbs and remedies becomes simply inevitable.


It reveals the remedies made from the herbal healing
and supplements that boost the self-healing and speed up the recovery.


It will save you thousands of dollars
in drugs, doctor appointments and expensive surgeries.


Above all - it will spare you of the endless efforts,
trial, error and failure of attempts to loose weight.


It will be that thing you have been looking and it
will give you your life back. I am positive.




There's no room for mistake here - once the culprits are gone from your life, the healing is unevitable.



I have tested and re-tested these methods for over 2 decades now in thousands of cases. They worked practically every time.


And here is the best part...


I have purchased resale right to a number of titles that will bring the best of Chinese lifestyle and diet to your computer and I have the right to give them away COMPLETELY FREE!






Bonus ebook 1:


100 Succulent Chinese Recipes (by Sun Zhao)



This is an ebook of my friend Sun Zhao that is aimed at de-mystifying Chinese cuisine.


Most people from the West love Chinese cuisine but have this false impression that it's complicated and that the only way to experience is ordering takeout or going to a restaurant.


Well, when you get this ebook you will realize that you can make and enjoy Chinese food at your own home. The recipes are choose to be simple and fast. Most of them are what you would typically find in a Chinese takeout menu.


My friend Sun Zhao sells this ebook on his website for $ 22 and since I bought resell rights, when you get my ebook you get this ebook for FREE.


It will change the way you see Chinese cuisine. You will love it !!








Bonus ebook 2:


Feng Shui: Attract Wealth and Live Free(by Sun Zhao)







Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that explains how to channel the energies in your home to reach an optimal environment for a wealthy and healthy living.


In his style, Sun Zhao brings Feng Shui closer to the Western man by cutting through the clutter of confusing information and getting to that essence you can use tomorrow.


When you read about the theory behind it all, it will all be much clearer. I predict that within weeks you will pay much more attention to the energy level of your home as you start to feel the change.


And if you are skeptic, just remember that everything is energy. You, me and everything around us.


Mr Sun Zhao sells this ebook for $20, but I bought the reseller rights and you will get it FREE.








Bonus ebook 3:


Chinese Herbs: The Modern Counteractant






Perception of Chinese medicine in the West tends to be that it is obscure and based on mystical talk about energies and similar things. But in the end it all comes down to similar things and is very concrete.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is known for it's famous herbs and their amazing healing ability. That is why I have included this collection of herbal remedies for pretty much anything that can happen to you and your family in terms of diseases.


It will be the source of health for your family in the years to come.


It is otherwise sold for $45 but I can provide it to you here for FREE, since I have purchased the reseller rights.



So, if you get the "Chinese Secrets to Fatty Liver and Obesity Healing" now, you will get the $ Bonuses completely FREE.


The whole package is priced at $29 which is really the lowest I could go with the retailer fees and the advertising cost needed to get people who need this ebook to this page in the first place. I am being completely honest here.



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Can you really take another failure?


But, just to show that this is truly an honest offer I have decided to offer a FULL UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


That's right - I am so convinced that my methods will work for you that if they don't or you think this program is not for you can get your money back - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Previous feedback from customers is my primary reason that I am able to offer this kind of a deal. People are so ecstatic that they finally know the causes of their problems and are provided with a real way to fix them. This is true in a huge majority of cases.


money back


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This means:




You do not have to email me and explain anything. I don't authorize the refund, you do. I have no control over it, you do.


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So you see, if for whatever reason you feel that you are not satisfied with your purchase you will get your money back, no questions asked.


So, don't hesitate or procrastinate and start the road to your health right now:



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Time sensitive - Number of copies left at the moment:

Why is the offer time sensitive and the number of seats in the program limited?

Because I am offering personal 1-on-1 support when you join the program. I can take you by the hand and show you all the steps but I cannot that with too many people so I have limited the number of people in the program at one time to 100. If you fail to get in now, you will not be able to get the book and get in the program for a while, I cannot say for how long, depends on a lot of things. The number above indicates the number of copies (seats) left in the program at any given moment.


Let us take a moment and look at a couple of testimonials that have already gone through the program and re-claimed their health:




"My fatty liver caused a pre--diabetic condition and extreme low count of platelets. I was a walking zombie..."


Five years ago I was diagnosed with NASH and my doctors put me on Aspirin. Soon, I realised that I feel terrible and tired when I am on any kind of blood thinners they oferred.I was gaining weight and feeling like a wreck all the time. I was bloated and had mysterious gassy pains in my abdomen almost every day...

I decided that I was going to do my own research and I that is how I found your ebook. That was mid last year. I found your program a bit hard to follow but very soon it all became intuitive and easy. Especially, when I started feeling the full benefits.


Your book is shocking and amazing..."


Magda Monastirski, Stoke City, UK





"My doctor was shocked and speechless..."


All that my doctor told me that come down to one thing - that I am pretty much comdemned to living my life adjusting to the fatty liver I was diagnosed with and that it will never go away completely. But I decided not to give up and I persevered in my attempts to look for that one thing that will mean my freedom.

Within the first month of your program I felt that the ache in the upper quadrant of my abdomen (that was always there) is starting to disappear. I was so hectic about this and that gave me the strength to stick to your program. I could literally feel getting better every day..."


Marry Jacobs, Melbourne, Australia




"This book is a simple must-have for anybody diagnosed or suspected of having fatty liver..."


Now that I have had this book for a while I must say that it opened a new door for me. It dug up things that I would never ever think about and revealed that these culprits were keeping me sick. Without it, I would swallow a ton of drugs and probably never get permanently better...

So, I think that it is essential for anybody with fatty liver problems to get this information, regardless of whether they plan to follow the program or not. It will make all the difference just knowing what can make you sick.


I am very thankful. Hugs from Austria,"


Mikael Radek, Bern, Austria





The Bottom Line Is: You Will See Amazing Results And Relief, Or You Don't Pay A Dime.



I have invested the long years of work into this ebook. So, this is basically the gist of my life's work and I explain in detail what I have discovered in my time. I strongly believe ( and records and statistics confirm my findings beyond any doubt) that I have discovered what is it about the Western life that causes fatty liver and obesity. There's much more to it than sugar and fat. If it was
just sugar and fat, all people that try a healthy diet would loose
weight, when in fact only 10-20% makes any lasting results. I can show
you why is that. Once again...


All the answers lie in your fatty liver.


The truth is simple but harsh - if your don't resolve your fatty liver, you will never be able to sustain any significant weight loss and you in a terrible risk of cancer, as proven in a number of official studies.


But RELAX, I have worked with people with fatty liver for 22 years now and I know how to unlock your body so that you can loose weight like never before and how to get rid of that risk of cancer within months.


All my reputation is in stake here and I made sure that the information you receive is of the highest quality and that it will help you beat your worst problem and continue with your life like a normal dynamic and vibrant person that you once were.


Very sincerely yours,


Abe Hsieh,


Fatty liver and obesity researcher, health consultant and author



P.S. Bear in mind that I plan to retire very soon and as I retire I will have to withdraw my ebook from the internet because I will not be able to offer email support to my customers. You might be seeing this offer now, but it might easily not be here next time you try it. So, whatever you do, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.


P.P.S. Don't forget this is an absolutely no risk purchase. If at any time of the 60 days you feel that you are not happy with the results, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.


Special Reminder: The Chinese Secrets To Fatty Liver and Obesity reversal is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.



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Time sensitive - Number of copies left at the moment:

Why is the offer time sensitive and the number of seats in the program limited?

Because I am offering personal 1-on-1 support when you join the program. I can take you by the hand and show you all the steps but I cannot that with too many people so I have limited the number of people in the program at one time to 100. If you fail to get in now, you will not be able to get the book and get in the program for a while, I cannot say for how long, depends on a lot of things. The number above indicates the number of copies (seats) left in the program at any given moment.

Please note that I plan to retire and when I do I will have to withdraw this offer from the internet because I will no longer be able to provide personal support. You might be among the last people to see this offer.